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All you need is at the palm of your hands.

Take baseplay. along with you and take advantage of any free moment to start learning or gaming. Our exclusive bite-size courses and docu videos are perfect to learn on the go, whether you are queuing for coffee, waiting for a friend, … Wherever you are!

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Expand your mind. Discover new worlds. Learn new skills. Browse in our catalogue and take courses and learn facts about Technology, Nature & Science, Marketing & Business, Music & Art, Health & Safety and much more.

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Funny explainer videos and quizzes that motivate you are the main ingredients of our classes. We offer courses on different subjects and levels, all of them have a high entertainment factor so that learning becomes easy and fun.


There is no need to make long journeys to discover foreign cultures and far away countries, get to know what is going on in our mysterious world. We offer you the world in your pocket.


Learning without going through tons of heavy reading? It can be done! Our infographics offer you a visual way of gathering knowledge, all the facts in a graphical overview and the best is you can save them for later on. It’s just like reading a comic.


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Trending catalogue with +300 titles. Constantly updated apps & games store with the new mobile trends.


Suits all the tastes. Many categories to browse through and find the content according to user's preferences.


Accurately selected among the most appealing in their category.


Reviews and latest updates exclusively produced by talented bloggers and web writers.