Read 1G To 5G

Read 1G To 5G

We do not depend on local stores for shopping, rather we purchase the required products online while sitting in our homes all thanks to the internet. The Internet speed has progressed from 1G to 5G now using which you can download webpages faster! The internet helps us not only in reading books & articles online or watching some movies or videos but also downloading them along with innumerable items available for being downloaded through the internet.

  • 1G: first generation - Basic voice over & analog based protocols. Webpage size: 25 KB. Speed: 50kbps.
  • 2G: second-generation - Better coverage and GSM & CDMA. Webpage size: 125KB Speed: 250kbps
  • 3G: third-generation - Voice with data & first broadband. Webpage size: 192KB Speed: 384kbps
  • 4G: fourth-generation - IP based, primarily data & real mobile broadband. Webpage size: 75MB Speed: 50mbps
  • 5G: fifth-generation - 1000 x faster than 4G with ultra HD & Hologram. Webpage size: 3.2 GB Speed: 6400mbps


The enhanced facility of high-speed internet & live traffic monitoring technology is a saviour.

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