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Elie Khudari Teaches Marketing & Business

Elie Khudari Teaches Marketing & Business


Elie Khudari is the ultimate business & marketing guru! The ultimate business and marketing guru covers all sorts of topics ranging from Marketing to SEO, and beyond.

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Steps to starting a successful business

In this video, we explain what is the business model canvas Using practical examples in a professional and simple way How do I start a successful project? To properly establish a business, we need to use the Business Model Dashboard (Business Model Canva) It is a strategic management tool to quickly and easily identify and interact with a project idea or concept. It is a tool, not a strategy. It is a one-page document that clarifies the foundations and elements of any project or product and establishes them in a coherent and effective manner. The right side of the business model focuses on the customer (external), while the left side of it focuses on the business (internal).

Profitable and inexpensive small projects - Very profitable and inexpensive project ideas

This video is an introduction and the first section, of profitable and inexpensive small projects, and includes ideas for very profitable, inexpensive, and successful projects in Europe, Canada, Australia, the United States and in the Arab countries.

Principles of E-Marketing - Secrets of Successful E-Marketing - (Effective Marketing)

In this video, we discuss the most important principles of e-marketing, which are the best ways to achieve success in marketing activities, campaigns and digital marketing plans. These principles are the foundations of work and points that must always be taken into account when working in the field of e-marketing.

What is the first step to profit from the Internet (what do you need to get started)

In this video, we will talk and show what is the first and most important step in the beginning of profit from the Internet and what you need to actually start your project or how to profit from the Internet or start an e-commerce and even how to start commission marketing

What is affiliate marketing - ways to profit from the Internet (eg Amazon Affiliate)

Most of the methods of profit from the Internet do not work, and most of them are fraud and waste of time. In this video, I will explain to you what is affiliate marketing and what is passive income on the part of the affiliate marketer, and how to start as an affiliate marketer and profit from the Internet in a practical step by step way, and I will show you the only way to affiliate marketing profitable and sustainable

What is e-marketing - E-Marketing for Beginners

In this video, I introduce you in general and briefly to e-marketing according to international standards and used in successful companies around the world.

You Don't Need Content Creation - User Generated Content Marketing

What if you could provide content that could overcome consumer skepticism and gain people's trust without having to create it yourself? Rather, it is by recruiting marketers, content producers, photographers and influencers who are willing to volunteer to help you

How to set goals - setting goals in e-marketing (smart goals and performance indicators)

Projects always face a problem in setting goals for e-marketing. Setting goals is an important stage in planning any digital marketing campaign. In this video, I highlight the stage of setting goals, which is the second stage in developing an e-marketing plan.

How to work in e-marketing How to start working in e-marketing

How do I start working in e-marketing and be a successful e-marketer after e-marketing courses or courses? How to profit from the Internet and profit from e-marketing

How to profit from the Internet - e-commerce (the most growing in the world)

In this video, we will show how to profit from the Internet, by starting an entire e-commerce project within a few days, using the world's most growing trade, which is the backbone of the modern digital economy.

How to earn a monthly salary of $5000 only from Linkedin - Profit from the Internet Course Video

Profit from LinkedIn is possible if we realize some things and follow some steps, and this is what you will see in this video. Whether it is a skill, a product, a service, or anything that is suitable for companies or their employees, if your customer is on Linkedin, that usually means that you must create a profile and send the customer a communication request, and in most cases he will not accept and even if he accepts, he will never respond to your messages.

How to Succeed in E-Commerce ⚠️ Don't Start E-Commerce Before Avoiding These Wrong Tips

YouTube in Arabic content is the most important advice for a failed start that guarantees you failure in your e-commerce of any kind. After watching these tips, you will be able to go through the steps of starting your business away from the wrong methods.

How to Create an Email Marketing Plan - Ready Made Email Marketing Plan - (Obama Marketing)

Barack Obama is considered the first American president to use digital and electronic methods in his campaign in a systematic and practical way and to achieve victory twice in his election campaigns for the presidency of the United States of America. Obama studied the situation in the pre-election stage, and then determined the target group, which was Democrats, and then the team determined the goal and then drew the strategy by targeting, dividing and positioning, and choosing the appropriate content for the youth group, then making them participate and immersed in it, then identify the methods, you can see some of them in this video, then Executing it brilliantly and practicing it, developing an appropriate e-marketing plan for your project is not that difficult as some imagine, you can now take advantage of the ready-made e-marketing plan, presented in this video to be a practical example of how to develop an e-marketing plan, and how to create a digital marketing plan suitable for your projects on a scale your works

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